JSON Print Pretty Tool

JSONPrettyPrint is a Online Tool to validate, format, minify and pretty print the JSON data.


It works on all the browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Edge, Windows, Linux, Solaris flavours and Mac.


Place your JSON in the left side source text area and perform the function by using the corresponding buttons.

Data will be validated/formatted or minified and presented in the target text area right side.

No Data Storage

This tool does not store any JSON data on server, and hence the data is secure with the user.

No User login required to perform the operations.

Sample JSON with JSON Object and JSON Arrays

{ "shiporder": { "orderperson": "John Smith", "shipto": { "name": "Ola Nordmann", "address": "Langgt 23", "city": "4000 Stavanger", "country":"Norway" }, "item": [ { "title": "Empire Burlesque", "note": "Special Edition", "quantity": "1", "price": "10.90" }, { "title":"Hide your heart", "quantity": "1", "price": "9.90" } ] } }

In the above JSON Message, JSON Object usually starts with "{".,e.g., "orderperson" is a JSON object, and also "shipto" is a JSON Object, which in turn contains further JSON Objects.
Each name is followed by : and the name/value pairs are separated by , (comma).
JSON Array usually starts with the syntax of "[", e.g., "item" is a JSON Array, and contains group of objects like title, note, quantity and price. Like any technology like Java/PHP/Perl etc., has different data types, JSON accepts different data types.
Different Data Types:
{"name": "testuser"}
Number(accepts Integer, Short, Long, Decimal etc.,)
{ "numberexample" : { "logincount": 2, "testpassed":4, "moneyvalue": 93.2 } }
Date Format
{ "firstdayofayear": "2018-01-01T01:02:56.310-10:00" }
Boolean (true or false)
{ "isAvailable" :true }

Below example illustrate the client side building and parsing of JSON Object using Javascript code., A JSON format String needs to be created for field and............

The following illustrate the building and parsing of JSON Object using Php code.,
PHP has a inbuilt library function [json_encode] to convert PHP object to a JSON Object.......

The following illustrate the building and parsing of JSON Object using Java code.,
We can use any JSON library to create a JSONObject and parse the JSON Object.........